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Why join Global Education Connections?

Global Education Connections is an international education company which aims at connecting the top talent young generation to the notable US programs and expand the vision of the students to the global hot issues in developing countries. Being a part of the GEC family means making a difference in the lives of thousands of students each year. Every team members is dedicated to making our education program inspirational, experiential and life-changing for students from different places.

Currently we have an international team with multi-cultural background and mostly with Ivey League educational background. We are always looking for great people to join our dynamic, passion-driven team from many backgrounds and experiences. Join us if you want to contribute, grow, think, dream, create, and collaborate to deliver inspiring educational experiences for students in different ages from all over the world.

Seasonal Jobs

We welcome college students in China and US to apply for our seasonal positions. There will be three time periods: fall, spring and summer to apply. You will be assigned to different education programs based on your background and will also be assigned a supervisor during your internship. During the internship, you will be given a great variety of challenging tasks. It is a great opportunities for you to expand your abilities in communication, teamwork, problem solving, event planning, project management, and to network with other outstanding peers and professionals from the education industry.


  • Responsible and Passion
  • Strong problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Project Management skills
  • English Proficiency
  • Strong Interpersonal Skill
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office and excellent writing skills
  • Self – Learning ability

Careers At GEC

Media Director: In charge of manage GEC’s different social media account. Media report and media exposure for GEC’s different education programs.

Editor: Write articles, paper work and other market promotion materials both in English and Chinese

Operation Manager: In charge of the back office support, corporate finance, corporate law, logistics, human resource, file organizations etc.

City Representative: Establish cooperation with schools and  education organizations, explore the market opportunities and promote GEC programs in the local area, and assist other tasks needed.

Send Your Resume

If you are interested in our job, please send your resume to, we sincerely looking forward to your joining.