About Us

GEC Academy is an online education platform founded by alumni from Columbia University and Harvard University. It focuses on background enhancement for Youth 12 group through creating shared mentor resources of professors from top U.S. universities and investment bankers at Wall Street.

The education revolution sparked by the instructional strategy “flipped classroom” still enjoys strong momentum worldwide. Inspired by the potential of flipped classroom and with the realization that the economic and civil development of China has prepares itself for a better education of its young generation, GEC Academy aims at providing opportunities for a wider group of Chinese students to enjoy world’s top education resources, including for example, doing researches with leading professors in a field and conducting projects with the most experienced bakers and analysts from Wall Street.

Youth 12 refers to the population going through their high school to the early stage of one’s career which covers about 12 years. These 12 years is the golden period in life when one’s values and direction, competitive abilities, career choices and social networks are developed or formed.

GEC Academy has committed itself to the true mission of education by placing the approach of learning by doing at its core. With learning by doing, Youth 12 can be empowered to explore solutions to practical issues, fully preparing themselves as competitive candidates for school application, independent recruitment and career development.

Our courses focus only on the most cutting-edge research breakthroughs and industry innovations.Students will be able to conduct scientific research, academic discussion and creative application on the most cutting-edge topics.

Our courses concern only about whether you can apply the learnings to practical problems. Students will be able to have meaningful conversations and discussions,conduct rewarding studies and researches, and carry out effective networking and interactions with leading scholars and competitive peers.

Core team



CEO & Channel Director,

M.Sc.C.E., Columbia University

Former software engineer of CISCO Systems

Extensive experiences in the management and implementation of international academic programs


YANG Xinya

Marketing Director,

Former Marketing Director of Lefinance

Former Social Media Director of Caijing.com

Solid experiences of online marketing, branding and PR


YAN Sheng


Deputy Director of Columbia China Sustainability Project

MPA, Columbia University

Extensive experiences in energy and environmental consulting in Beijing and New York


Manuel Pinho

Dean of GEC Academy

Former Minister of Economy and Innovation, Portugal

Former Chairman of Europe Energy Commission (2009)

Professor at Columbia University and Georgetown University


XU Hui

Academic Director,

M.S., Harvard University

B.S., Tsinghua University

Strong and solid academic experiences in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development


WANG Xiaozhi

Chief Representative in New York,

MPA, Columbia University

LL.B, Yuanpei College, Peking University

Rich work experiences with well-established NGOs and international institutions