China-Africa-U.S. Summer Research Program on SDGs


Program Background

The China-Africa-US Global Sustainable Development Academic Program, combined with the most prestigious subjects and majors from Columbia University, provides the participants the opportunity to look into development issues in Kenya, to pay attention to the world’s most challenging issues, and to devote him/herself to the world development agenda. The program will train the participants with sophisticated academic skills and contribute the participant’s academic background.


Beijing, China – Nairobi, Kenya – New York, USA


Available in winter and summer vacation


high school or college students (age older than 16) with good English skills

Recommended for

students who want to apply for programs in MPA/MPP/Social work/MPH/Education/
Educational Psychology/Environmental Science/Journalism/Economics/Photography

Course Features

Diving into hot international issues, developing practical solutions, experiencing Ivy League classes and enhancing your background

In this course, you will

  • To work with alumni from top universities, to communicate with leaders from celebrated NGO in Kenya, to study the background knowledge and field research methodology of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and gain the practical experience in East Africa;
  • To understand the reality in Africa, to jump out of participants’ original friend circle and expand their horizon; to embrace the world with an open mind and gain the learning experience for the citizen of the global village;
  • To learn the basic knowledge in the area of International Relationship, Sustainable Development, Policy Making and Implementation, Field Research Methodology etc.; to understand how the global challenges could be resolved under the structure of a multi-polar world order.


Academic Training and Preparation

Two months before the departure of the onsite field research, former UN officer, university faculties and U.S. top universities alumni (SIPA, Columbia University and Kennedy School, Harvard University) are invited to provide designed training courses and lecture on the area of Sustainable Development Goals, International Organization, Field Investigation Methodology(e.g. how to identify a research topic, develop research plan, design field questionnaires, and finalize the conclusion, etc.). The participants will be divided into several study groups and each group will be assigned with academic advisors who are the graduates from top universities in the U.S.

Field Investigation in Kenya

The participants will be led by group academic advisors to conduct the on-site field investigation in Kenya. It is a unique opportunity for them to understand the background of the SDG, learn the methodology, develop their own research agenda review the related literatures, carry out the investigation plan, analyze the issues and finalize the final reports.

Visiting NGO and International Organization

The participants will visit famous International Organization and NGOs in Kenya in the area of water, sanitation and access to basic services, youth unemployment as well as the women`s empowerment, all of which are key issues in Kenya among the 17 UN SDGs. The participants will have the chance to raise questions on the topic, take the further studies and figure out the possible solutions to the challenges. It is possible for the participants to communicate with local students and volunteers in Kenya, to discuss the past, fact and future of the development challenges in Africa. Finally, participants will reach the consensus on Sustainable Development in Africa.

Workshops in top universities in U.S.

Taking the result from the on-site field investigation in Kenya, together with the questions and thoughts, the participants will come to the New York City to attend workshops as the second section of the China-Africa-US project: The New York Week for Aspiring Chinese Development Practitioners. The workshops will cover areas including Political Science, International Development Practice etc. By communicating their thoughts with lecturers from Columbia University, they will receive good preparation for their further education.

Final Presentation in top universities in U.S.

In accordance with the facts and findings from the field investigation in Kenya, the participants will give final presentation briefings by groups to audience at Columbia University including the current MPA students, faculties and lecturers from top universities in U.S. By conducting such final briefing, partipants will be trained with summarizing capacities, public speaking skills and reporting ability.

Past pictures and products

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