World Environment Day
Invitation from Beijing Energy Week

In today, what kind of challenges do we face during the development?

On June 1, US President Trump announced his withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. Although the whole world is persuading, but we cannot tell what kind of next move will the United States do in the global climate. The global sustainable development which was promised has been interfered by the profit conflict inside and outside the interests of countries.

Under this background, what can we do to make the voice of sustainable development stronger and more powerful. And what else can we do to fulfill the responsibilities of the world citizens? Let’s talk about global sustainability issues at World Environment Day.


Energy and sustainable development is an important topic in today’s world. Experienced the rapid development of human society and the rapid consumption of resources in the twentieth century, how to guide our development process to a more sustainable direction, is the main problem we must think about in the twenty-first century.

The traditional development model has caused us all kinds of dilemmas and crises, and has begun to endanger people’s survival. In everywhere around us, we can see resource crises, environmental pollution, biological extinction, forest reduction, land desertification – today we are facing increasingly serious resources and ecological problems. The ever-expanding resource and environment crisis is the inevitable result of our past uncontrolled consumption patterns, which is a natural challenge to us today.

How to achieve better, more equitable and more sustainable development?

We look forward to a variety of solutions, but also look forward to more people in the world concerned about the development to join the discussion. So the brainstorming GEC joint China Education Development Fund, co-sponsored a week-long workshop, hoping to focus on and interested in the cause of international development to provide quality communication platform.

China is the largest country of energy consumption, electricity production, renewable resource investment and oil imports in the world. China is committed to achieving a peak in carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and striving to achieve energy and sustainable development as soon as possible. Beijing, the capital of China, is an international metropolis and is the first choice for foreign visitors to come to China. It is also an ideal place to build and develop a global community of energy and sustainable youth leaders. Our workshop “Beijing Energy and Sustainable Development Week (BEW)” will be held in Beijing, where we will meet at the Columbia University Global Center (Beijing), Tsinghua University, Yale Beijing Center and the EU Chinese Delegation.


2016 BEW delegates photo

Beijing Energy and Sustainable Development Week (BEW), in the capital of the most watched developing countries, to think about all the anxious problem of earth people during this century. We are committed to bringing young leaders around the world together to discuss energy and sustainable development. We hope that we will meet excellent counterparts and explore new opportunities.
BEW is a nonprofit spontaneous organization founded in 2015, comprised of the world’s top professors and students from top schools.

BEW respects independence, innovation, fairness, profitability, and takes global sustainability as the goal, leadership and entrepreneurial opportunities, as well as an effective platform for global youth leaders to connect to key global key issues. From the beginning of the creation, GEC Edu. as BEW’s full platform strategic partner, to provide BEW material sponsorship and academic support, and to link the world’s top academic resources and care for the environment, energy and sustainable development with students through the BEW platform. This year, GEC will also be involved in BEW’s event and share this year’s agenda with “GECx Talk” with experts and young leaders.

2017 Beijing Energy Week is scheduled for July 17-20 this year. The theme is: the ever-changing world energy system.
2017 Beijing Energy Week will focus on the following topics:

  • The shift of Asia – Pacific economic center of gravity
  • Sino – India – Austrian cooperation relationship
  • China’s energy opportunities
  • Today the opportunity between the EU and China


How To Come To BEW?

Beijing Energy Week BEW participants all use the invitation system, your excellent talent and diversity is the most important criteria for our screening. As long as you are talented, we all look forward to your voice ~

Beijing Energy Week BEW welcomes participants from all over the world. The previous participants of BEW have come from more than 10 countries, including China, India, Brazil, France, Denmark, Lebanon, Kenya, the Republic of Colombia. In Beijing Energy Week, you can experience cross-country and cross-cultural discussion, to spread multi-culture voices and demands, to understand the position and thinking of others!

What can you achieve in BEW?

Cross-border discussion platform:
If you are a social leader in academic, political, business and other areas, you can discuss the key issues of global development, cutting forward issues, build a global blueprint for global and regional energy and sustainable development;
You can contact with masters closely:
We have speakers from Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia, China and other places. They are political elites, business professionals, outstanding professors and researchers, from all aspects of international development. You can listen to their views and thoughts thoroughly.
High quality learning opportunities:
If you are a young student and a professional, you will have a unique opportunity to learn frontier knowledge in the field of energy and sustainable development and to communicate with well-known professors from around the world, government officials, global strategic consultants, business leaders Interact, and be able to communicate with people who have the same ideals as part of the community.

2016 Beijing Energy Week Speakers:

  • Manuel Pinho, Minister of Economy and Innovation, Portugal (2005-2009). Professor of Columbia University and Georgetown University.
  • Manuel Sebastião, former director of the Portuguese Frontier Authority. Holds a doctorate degree from Columbia University.
  • ANTONIO DE LECEA, Chief Advisor to the General Directoratement of the Economic and Financial Services,Member of the European Commission.
  • PEDRO FARIA GOMES, Director, EDP Energy Planning Dept., Portugal’s largest power company.
  • Alfredo Pereira, Professor of Economics, William Mary College, USA.
  • Harsh Poddar, Director, ATO, India. The company is one of India’s leading logistics and transportation companies.
  • Professor, Vice Chairman, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) Energy Research Institute.
  • Huayong Niu, Dean, International Business School, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Doctor of Industrial Economics, Renmin University of China.
  • Wu Ye, Professor, School of Environment, Tsinghua University.
  • Lin Nan, China National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) Policy Research Office.


Participants talked with Professor Pinho

Keynote Speech on European Markets, Columbia Global Center丨Beijing

You will have plenty of opportunities to show yourself and practise learning skills:

The Energy and Sustainable Development Policy (ESP) online comment will be published quarterly in July 2017. Each journal will publish policy documents, brief reports and case studies.

2017 Beijing Energy Week participants will create case studies from youth leaders’ forums and ESP publications to participate in case analysis competitions, compete with peers, and collaborate with fellow citizens.


Visiting wind energy manufacturer Goldwind technology company

We have partners from China, the United States, Europe and India, and are committed to creating contacts with top policy makers, entrepreneurs and academics for the participants. GEC has excellent founders’ group and high quality partner resources and opportunities. Here, focus on energy and development issues you will harvest different knowledge, vision, contacts and competitiveness, and gradually grow into a new generation of young leaders.

Project specific circumstances

Q: What is our specific schedule?

A: Our main form is a special guest’s lecture. The specific arrangements are:

  • July 17 at the Columbia University Global Center (Beijing) to carry out the “World Economic Center eastward” keynote lecture;
  • July 18 at Tsinghua University to carry out “China’s energy opportunities” theme lectures;
  • July 19 at the Yale Beijing Center to carry out “Sino-Indian – Austrian cooperation relationship” keynote lecture;
  • July 20 in the EU delegation to China “today in the EU and China between the opportunities” theme lectures.

Our guest team is a heavyweight represented by Manuel Pinho, Harsh Poddar and so on. They have not only made great achievements in the theoretical aspects of international development, but also got rich experience in the political, business and public areas !

Here are the introduction of two guests:


Manuel Pinho

Former Minister of Economy and Innovation of Portugal,
Professor of Columbia University and Georgetown University,
Visiting Professor of Beijing Foreign Studies University.

Harsh Poddar

Director of ATO, India,
General manager of Aris Capital,
Graduated from Yale University.

Q: Can you see how people have participated in the evaluation?

A: They are sure that Beijing Energy Week to enhance self-vision, to promote the development of international exchanges and other aspects of meaning.

Beijing Energy Week has provided us with a chance to discuss future energy, technology, and ongoing transformation and development projects. ”

-Harsh Poddar, Indian guest

“I studied engineering at Tsinghua University, and Beijing Energy Week provided me with an opportunity to reach out to global policymakers and business leaders, which opened up my horizons and helped me a lot.”

-Ziyang Wu, Chinese delegate

“Water pollution is one of the most challenging problems in the future city life, how to solve this problem and provide high quality water for the public is what I care about. I am honored to be able to take advantage of Beijing Energy Week’s opportunities with young leaders around the world Share my ideas and experiences together, and find a solution to the problem.

-Gabrielle Romano, the French delegate


Do you want to attend?

In the situation of closer international cooperation and the harder development days,

In the global development of the general problems encountered in the transformation of thinking today,

Do you want to join the action to protect the earth?

Do you want to hone your thoughts more deeply and spread your voice louder?

Beijing Energy Week BEW want to see your shadow!


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