Program Background

Online education, which provides a new pattern for knowledge distribution, is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of teaching and learning.

Based on the core needs of the young generation in China, GEC Academy brings together top international educational resources and develops a new type of ‘learning by doing’ online program. Such programs provide the participants with opportunities to undertake project-based skill training under the guidance of elite mentors in the hottest academic fields and industry hot spots, which, GEC believes would be very beneficial for the participants to extend their academic and professional potentials and improve their overall competitiveness.

Target Population

  • Students who wants to improve their academic and professional competitiveness;
  • Students with college/graduate school application needs;
  • Youth who plans to enter the job market or move to a better career.

What you will gain

  • Academic courses and projects incorporating edging technology and research results, most popular academic topics and appliances;
  • Project experiences with top US universities, Silicon Valley and Wall Street that will light up your resume;
  • Background enhancement and capacity advancement, increasing admission rates to school and employment;
  • Certificate upon course completion;
  • Recommendation letter (conditional on performance);
  • Partnership with competitive peers, professors from leading universities, Silicon Valley experts and Wall Street bankers.

Previous Programs

Program Background

The program is developed based on the cutting-edge research progress in smart transportation and provides participants interdisciplinary academic training with knowledge covering economics, energy, policy and statistics.

Tasks and Outputs

  • Preprocess the fuel consumption and mileage data of private vehicles of one to two cities.
  • Conduct statistical analysis between the fuel consumption/carbon emission data, in particular exploring key factors affecting real-world fuel economy including vehicle maker, size, technology, and model year in the corresponding cities.
  • Collecting city-specific parameters that may influence vehicle usage and fuel consumption levels, such as road infrastructure, temperature, road slope, traffic congestion, and transportation-related prices.

Data processing

Project background

Wall Street Remote Training project is co-designed by well-known professors from business schools and senior managers from Wall Street investment banks. The project aims to guide students to a deeper understanding of investment bank industry and advance their business competency and core skills in order to realize their academic and career goals as a competitive candidate in finance industry.

what you will gain

  • Distance training conducted by investment bank department of Bulge Bracket in New York;
  • Finance course from international business school;
  • Professional networking opportunities in finance industry;
  • Distance workshop discussions on investment topics;
  • Cases studies and practical experiences;
  • Debate on edging international finance issues;
  • Group presentation of finance and investment team;
  • Career development distance coaching in finance industry;
  • Connection with top investment banks.

Course example (excerpt)

Previous Programs

6-8 weeks program, 1-2 online class/office hour session per week. Distance learning through online platform.


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